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  • Privately owned and headquartered in Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Representing global chemical producers
  • A sales and distribution channel that cost-effectively allows producers to grow their market share profitably without incurring high risks and resource commitments
  • Extensively trained and highly specialized Technical Sales Specialists focus on selling only certain products and focus on specific end-user markets.


RWI Ltd. is a newly established company envisioning its rigorous perspective in wholesale trading. Our key difference from our competitors (as well as the main advantage) is in our know-how secret knowledge & craft of selling, which was carefully nurtured by our management. We are a courageous team with a chemical educational background profound in technological production that gives us a key competence priority that can seriously compete with just ordinary wholesalers.

Our Mission/Vision 

We envision our mission in filling the gaps in the supply chain of industrial chemicals, which is the main challenge nowadays due to the current economic environment. Although being at the very beginning of our journey, our staff has been equipped already with the knowledge & craft of selling. To reveal just a piece of our secret knowledge & craft – we help big manufacturers distribute their products, at the same time due to our chemical background, we can offer our clients those products that can be chemically tailored to meet their particular needs. Not to mention the competitive delivery rates we can offer due to our direct connections with the up-to-date freight-forwarding operators in the market. By combining the approaches mentioned we develop a customized solution for every particular case. To offer a turn-key solution for our clients is the mission of our work.

Core Values

  • We help big manufacturers in the distribution of their products;
  • We help customers to find the best solution for their needs;
  •            Quality of products we export is confirmed by SGS certification;
  • We are proud to quote the best market prices;
  • We work in a way that ensures recurring clientele;
  • Happy client is the core value of our work!

Our Team & Structure

Our team consists of 11 employees. Although the company is a young establishment (incorporated on June 27, 2022) the staff of the company is comprised of specialists with a good array of specialization and experience in sales, marketing, chemical technology as well as logistics and accounting skills. Due to the past experience the world has gained during the pandemic times, our company doesn’t rent an office, instead, all the staff is working remotely from home, and thus, we don’t waste money on costly office renting. The company staff has a scheduled time for the compulsory weekly meeting – every Monday at 10 AM. Besides that, for every need, the staff is conferencing by means of Zoom and WhatsApp.

The company has four Departments:

  • Tech Department – is in charge of all the details of the quality of the supplies;
  • Marketing/Sales Department – dealing with the clients directly (promotion, pricing, contractual terms);
  • Export/Logistic Department – all the matters of exporting and delivery;
  • Accounting/Legal Department – every point connected with contract drafting, signing, and payments;

Our Services

  • Distribution
  • Supply
  • Exporting
  • Logistics
  • Besides the services listed above, our staff does consult the end-users regarding the chemical formula of the product to meet their requirements/needs. Our technologists study carefully the client’s requirements, communicate with the factory’s tech department to discuss the options available, and/or offer its recipe to obtain the formula needed. Counseling the customer’s needs with the manufacturer is our unique advantage. Our specialists are not afraid of going the extra mile to find the best solution, to reach the goal, thus gaining so valued confidence with our clients.

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