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Oxides CCA 60% Wood Preservative

  • CAS № 37337-13-6
  • HS Code: 3808948000
  • CHEMICAL NAMES: A water-soluble mixture of Chromium, Copper, and Arsenic Oxides.

CCA 60% - a water-soluble mixture of Chromium, Copper, and Arsenic Oxides. 

Wood preservative Oxide CCA 60% is supplied in the form of liquid concentrated mixture of Chromium, Copper, and Arsenic oxides. It is intended for dilution in water according to the dilution rate instructions. 
Usage:It is used in the process of wood preservation by means of (CCA autoclave) equipment designed for vacuum-pressure preservation of wood. 

Active constituents: 115% w/v Copper chromium arsenic (CCA) oxides expressed as CuO + CrO3 + As2O5x2H2O. Equivalent to 68.0% w/v minimum TAE (Total Active Elements -Cu+Cr+As). 
Elemental content proportion balance: Cu : Cr : As = 31% : 37% : 32 respectively. 
Formulation: Aqueous solution of constituents expressed as cupric oxide, chromic oxide and arsenic oxide. 
Appearance: Dark brown solution with a slight acid odor. 
Density: 1,9-2.0 kg/L @ 20°C 
pH: 2.0-2.2 @ 3% solution 


Table 1. Specifications 

 Chemical Properties 
Parameters   Specifications 
Chromium trioxide, % Determined by Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy method  28,5 ( ± 2%) 
Arsenic pentoxide, %  Determined by Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy method  20,1 (± 2%) 
Copper oxide, %  Determined by Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy method  11,4 (± 2%) 
Total Oxides, %  60,0 (± 2%) 
Insoluble matter in 3% (m/v) aqueous solution,% Determined by  Gravimetric method  0,5% max (of solid nominal formulation) 
pH @ 3% (m/v) aqueous solution Determined by  Potentiometric method   2,0 – 2,2 


Packaging: 65 l drums / 100kg net per drum.
Payload: 21 MT net per 20”FCL



Table 2. Dilution rate  

Concentration of working solution,  % w/v  CCA weight  (kg)  Water to add *  (l) 
3  100  1955 
5  100  1155 
6  100  955 
8  100  705 
10  100  555 


The entire packaging should be diluted and mixed at one time. Check for any residue on the bottom of the packaging, If found the residue should be thoroughly mixed-in before decanting. When diluting the CCA in water thoroughly stir it mechanically (for up to 30 minutes) to the complete dissolution of thickened agglomerations of water-soluble compounds. At proper dilution, a clear homogeneous treatment solution is to be obtained (see the video). On dissolving in water and stirring, the temperature of the solution is to be kept below 40gr.C 



Table 3. Retention Guide 

Hazard Class  Charge treatment retention  kg/m3  
H2  5 (all species) 
H3  softwood 8.1 – hardwood 8.5 
H4  softwood 13 – hardwood 19 
H5  19 (all species) 
H6  48 (all species) 


Depending on the variation of the impregnation process, by adjusting the amount and duration of pressure and the concentration of treatment solution, the quantity of solution absorbed by the timber in the charge can directly be controlled to the desired levels. 


Quality standards: SGS PVoC/COC certificates are provided on request. 


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