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Prilled Urea automotive-grade for Ad-Blue

HS Code: 3102100090
CAS No: 57-13-6
EC No: 200-315-5
MF: CO(NH2)2/ CH4N2O
Grade: SCR
Export Markets: Global

Used as a feedstock for liquid chemical agent reducing NOx concentration in diesel exhaust emissions.

About automotive-grade urea

Automotive-grade urea dissolved within deionized water is resulting in an aqueous urea solution, supporting the reduction of mono-nitrogen oxides exhaust emissions by injection into selective catalytic reduction systems of heavy-duty engines. This aqueous urea solution is standardized as AUS 32 in ISO 22241 and consequently, the technical specifications for automotive-grade urea are derived from this standard. Mainly with the introduction of new regulations and standards in connection to emissions (e.g. EURO 5 norm), the demand for AUS 32 and consequently automotive-grade urea is increasing constantly.



Mass fraction of nitrogen (N) on dry basis, min 46.2%
Mass fraction of free ammonia (NH3), max 0.05%
Mass fraction of biuret, max 0.9%
Mass concentration:
– Formaldehyde, max 15 mg/kg
– Admixtures insoluble in water, max 50 mg/kg
– Phosphates, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Calcium, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Iron, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Copper, max 0.6 mg/kg
– Zinc, max 0.6 mg/kg
– Chrome, max 0.6 mg/kg
– Nickel, max 0.6 mg/kg
– Magnesium, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Sodium, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Aluminum, max 1.5 mg/kg
– Potassium, max 1.5 mg/kg
Mass fraction of water (Fischer method), max 0.6 %



Granule size:
– less than 1 mm, max 3%
– 1–4, min 90%



  •  Shipped packed in big bags (400, 700, 800 kg).
  •  Stored in big bags indoors in closed well-ventilated warehouses to protect it from weather exposure.
  • Big bags must be transported and stored in no more than two layers.




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